Divorce Lawyers Long Island

It is true that there is no shortage of divorce lawyers in Long Island. However, only a handful are familiar with the process of Mediation, preferring instead to push the adversarial process on their clients. There are, however, some divorce lawyers in Long Island who understand that Mediation is Best for handling all types of Divorce and Family Law conflicts, and who will refer their clients to Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator. In that situation, the attorney can stay on as a consulting attorney for their client, so that the client is free to speak with their attorney in follow up to what occurs in the Mediation process. That attorney can also review the agreement drafted by Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator to make sure that their client’s interests are met to their satisfaction. Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator not only understands this process, but encourages it. We are so confident that our agreements are well constructed to meet the requirements of the laws of this State, that an independent attorney review is not just accepted, but it is actually encouraged, to ensure the agreement is upheld down the line.


Family Law, Divorce Lawyer and why Mediation Is Best


Mediation Is Best for resolving all conflicts involving family law and divorce, including child custody and support, maintenance, equitable distribution. Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator can resolve everything from prenuptial agreements (before the marriage) to separation agreements, and even post-judgment conflicts. Mediation Is Best for resolving even the most challenging conflicts. No disagreement is too large or too small to be submitted to Mediation with Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator. Ms. Fine is always up-to-date with all new introductions and reforms of the laws and will draft the agreements in accordance with the latest updates. Our goal is to provide the maximum benefit to both parties through conflict resolution with our trained professional.


Prenuptial, Separation Agreement, Legal Divorces in Long Island and why Mediation Is Best


Prenuptial agreements, Separation Agreements and Settlement agreements are all legal documents drafted in the case of divorce (or a potential for divorce). These agreements will address child custody and parenting time, child support or maintenance, debt, property division, and almost anything else the parties wish to include. These clauses are agreed to by the parties over the course of several Mediation sessions, and then professionally drafted into a cohesive agreement by Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Mediator and Attorney. Mediation is Best for coming to the terms of the agreement as it can be less costly and adversarial. The added benefit of using our services is that your agreement will be drafted by a divorce lawyer in Long Island who is familiar with the issues relative to this area, such as property values and cost of living. Participants can freely talk to Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator about questions and doubts and she will assist the participants in addressing the questions and resolving the doubts.


How can I find out if Mediation Is Best rather than using a Divorce Lawyer?


Simply contact our office to arrange for a free consultation. At the consultation, you are required to bring only your spouse and an open mind. No documents are needed at this informational consultation. At this meeting, Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator, will explain to you how the process works, and answer any questions you both may have about Mediation. During this initial consultation, you will determine if you are comfortable with the process, and with our Mediator, as you will all be working closely in an effort to achieve a common goal-the resolution of your conflict. So please feel free to contact our office to set up an appointment as your first step in determining if Mediation Is Best for you.