Family Lawyer NY

The word “divorce” can be ominous. The divorce process is not easy, and often causes parties to feel out of control, subject to Court deadlines, posturing attorney and continuous legal and court fees. Apart from the emotional turmoil, couples have to undergo complicated legal battles on a strange battlefield to safeguard their financial, physical and emotional interests armed only with an attorney that often they are unable to reach by telephone. The divorce becomes even more difficult when children are involved. Though the New York State legislature has enacted new legislation in an attempt to streamline the process, it is still complex and overwhelming to the average individual. This is why parties turn to NY divorce lawyers and family lawyers for advice in navigating the rough waters of divorce and family conflicts, while others turn to less traditional measures such as mediation in an attempt to achieve speedier and less costly resolutions. Our mediation services can provide the best of both worlds.


Combining the services of NY Divorce Lawyers with Mediation Is Best for resolving marital and family conflicts.


As an active divorce and family law litigation attorney trained in conflict resolution, Lisa S. Fine, Esq, Attorney and Mediator truly believes that “Mediation Is Best” for people seeking divorce, separation, or resolution of their family law conflicts. We are constantly updating our processes to make divorce easier for the participants. Our services span from an initial free consultation to explain the process to interested couples, to drafting agreements and even assisting in the filing of divorce documents and obtaining the Judgment of Divorce. Our knowledgeable Mediator has a network of experienced experts on hand to assist with the process, including appraisal companies, psychologists and pension experts if required. Many NY divorce lawyers are conversant with the world of litigation, which pushes parties to spend more money and become increasingly hostile with each other, but are unskilled at settlement negotiations, choosing instead to posture with opposing counsel, costing litigants unnecessary time and money. Mediation Is Best for avoiding this type of posturing as there are only the two participants and the Mediator, working together with experts of their choice in a joint effort to reach a goal of resolution. There is no room for posturing. There are no time constraints set by a Court. Most importantly, the participants remain in control of the process.


Family Lawyer NY


When choosing a family lawyer of NY parties usually consider cost as well as quality. It is important to preserve the assets that a couple has rather than dissipating them on legal costs and attorney fees. Mediation is a more cost-effective way to obtain a divorce or separation. All of the same issues are discussed and resolved, including property division, custody and visitation and support. Mediation Is Best as an alternative to the adversarial (two lawyer) system because it incorporates the law into the conversation, but puts the interests of the participants and their children front and center. It results in a professionally drafted settlement or separation agreement at less of a cost, both financially and emotionally.


How can you find out if “Mediation Is Best” ?


Make an appointment to come in and speak with our qualified and experienced Mediator Lisa S. Fine, Esq. We offer a free forty-minute consultation where both parties come in to learn whether Mediation is Best for them. During that time, the couple can assess whether they will be comfortable with the process, and equally importantly, with the Mediator. There will be many personal topics discussed, so it is important that the participants are comfortable in sharing their thoughts with the Mediator, who, in turn, helps keep the lines of communication open. Discussions lead to resolutions, rather than costly hearings leading to court rulings. To find out if Mediation Is Best for your divorce and family law conflict resolution, feel free to call our office to schedule your free consultation.