New York Divorce Lawyer

There is no shortage of New York Divorce lawyers, and on Long Island, it can be a small community of attorneys all competing for the same business. Many of these New York Divorce lawyers know very little about the alternatives to litigation available to their clients and to all divorcing couples. Mediation can be a foreign term to many New York Divorce lawyers, who would never think of recommending it, mostly because they do not believe it works. They believe instead that the only way to get a client what they want or need is to posture with opposing counsel, make motion after motion to the court, and to be aggressive and unyielding so that their client can “win”. But who really wins in that scenario? Most of the time it is the attorney, not the litigant. The attorney will charge the client for all of those motions, whether they win or lose. And each and every time they pick up the telephone to give the opposing counsel a hard time, the client is paying for that call. Once the process is over, the client has lost years of his or her life, and tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes the fight is more expensive than what is being fought over. Many New York Divorce lawyers will steer potential clients away from mediation, believing that it cannot possibly work. It seems unrealistic having a couple that is so angry with one another sitting in the same room working out these issues. But it can and most often does work. Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator has had successful outcomes in half the time and over a quarter of the price of an aggressively pursued divorce litigation matter. Why does it work? Partly because Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator has received extensive training by some of the most renowned conflict resolution specialists in the country. And partly because Lisa S. Fine, Esq. is a New York Divorce lawyer who understands the system and the pitfalls that can be avoided by an alternative to the adversarial court system. This is because Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator is also a divorce lawyer in New York who understands that engaging in posturing and aggressive litigation is not always best for the parties, or their children.


New York Divorce lawyer and Separation Agreement


As suggested by the name, a separation agreement is a legal agreement drafted by an attorney with terms that are mutually agreed upon by the parties. If the parties wish to file for an uncontested divorce right away, the agreement is then called a settlement agreement. Either way, this agreement contains clauses that cover all the major and minor issues after the divorce, such as child custody, parenting time, child and spousal support, division of property, and division of debt. It is always advisable to have a divorce lawyer in New York to draft this important document because it is an authentic legal document, binding upon the parties and which can be challenged in the court if one or both the partners want certain changes in the included clauses down the line.


Mediation Is Best for divorcing couples who wish to enter into a Separation agreement


Mediation Is Best for arriving at the terms that will be incorporated into a separation agreement or settlement agreement because there is not wasted time, or money during the process, and because the participants in mediation are in control of the process, not the aggressive posturing attorneys. As an attorney, Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator can assist the participants in reaching an agreement, and can draft and explain the terms of the document to the participants. Because the participants and Mediator are working together closely, Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator can then draft the agreement with the best possible interest of both parties represented in that agreement. This is because there has been no posturing, no time limits set by a Court, no outside parties influencing the decision of the participants on how best to continue with their own lives. Our fees for Mediation are competitive, and the process has proven to be much more cost effective, faster, and less unsettling than an uncontested divorce. Each matter is handled with sensitivity and professionalism, and participants are billed only for the time spent on their matter, not for attorneys to sit around a courtroom for hours. Make an appointment with Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator, for a free informational consultation to find out if this process is right for you.