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Now that you have decided that you want a divorce or separation, there are plenty of Suffolk county divorce lawyers available to choose from. Why then should you turn to Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator? Although many of these divorce lawyers are well qualified law professionals who have relevant experience in this field, it still can be a very costly and frustrating experience. Getting a divorce through the typical adversarial (two lawyer) process can be quite messy and costly, fostering feelings of hatred between the parties that may have been avoided. Some Suffolk county divorce lawyers are now referring potential clients for mediation with Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator maintaining a consulting role for their client, rather than pushing the client through the adversarial court system.


Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator is one of the Divorce Lawyers of Suffolk County NY


Mediation Is Best for conflict resolution with or without the involvement of attorneys representing the participants. Each participant is welcome to have a consulting attorney to speak with before or after the meetings. Sometimes the attorneys will attend the meetings. This becomes more of a collaborative model, where the attorneys are sitting in the room with the participants and the Mediator. It can only work if the participating consulting attorney is willing to refrain from posturing or intimidating the other party or their counsel. It is the Mediator’s job to guide the meeting, and make sure the playing field is level, attorneys or not. As a Suffolk county divorce lawyer herself, Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator has been a consulting attorney, has represented clients in contested divorces, and has been successfully mediating cases for many years. Ms. Fine will not be intimidated by a participating attorney or let that individual hijack the process. Instead, Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator will invite the participation of the attorney as a consultant only, keeping the posturing in check, and making sure the interests of the participants are heard.


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As a divorce lawyer, Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator is highly qualified to not only assist the participants in reaching an agreement, but in drafting that agreement as well. Prenuptial Agreements, Separations Agreements, and Settlement Agreements used for an uncontested divorce are all legal documents. As signors, the participants could be subject to extreme remedies if they violate these agreements, including contempt and even jail time. It is important that the agreement be drafted correctly by someone who understands the law. It is further important that the drafter of these documents be able to explain them to the people who are signing them, so that the legality and consequences are understood by them. There is a myth that Mediation is only for a couple that wishes to separate, but that you need lawyers for a prenuptial agreement or to get a divorce. This is not the case. The terms of all of these agreements can be reached through Mediation with Lisa S. Fine, Esq., Attorney and Mediator. In fact, Mediation Is Best for reaching the terms of a prenuptial agreement without running the risk of not making it to the alter, because of the possibility of the process becoming adversarial when people are represented by litigation attorneys.